Come listen to the Word of God preached with truth, conviction, and encouragement! 

Listen below for sample sermons from our study through the Book of Titus (Spring 2015).  We do not openly post sermons online because we feel that being present with the body of Christ on a Sunday morning is an invaluable experience (Hebrews 10:24-25).  We also believe that you ought to know your "shepherd" (pastor) before you being to listen to his voice (Hebrews 13:7).  A weekly password is available to those in the body the have chronic illness or are going through long-term medical treatments.  Those that serve in children's ministry for any given week are also given access to the Sunday message by clicking HERE.  

All of our Life Groups (for teens, men, and women) will use the Sunday sermon text as their main basis for Life Group discussion. The sermon notes will not be studied, but rather the actual bible text, using the "Devotional Life" guide which can be found in the church bulletin...please click HERE


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