Children of all ages remain in service.  There is mom's room upstairs, above the main worship space, where mothers with children under 3 years old can go (if desired) and still hear the message.  

Each week children are provided with a coloring sheet, children's bulletin, monthly passage memory sheet, craft, & fruit snack.  These supplies can be picked up in the hallway (please return the clipboards & crayon pouches).  

Our weekly activity sheets guide children through the stories of the Bible in chronological order using 101 Favorite Stories from the Bible by Ura Miller. This children's bible gives equal attention to both the old & new testaments of the bible including cross reference passages and age appropriate illustrations. The story cycle will repeat itself approximately every two and a half years. 

If you have questions about our children's curriculum, please reach out to us at


If you have a child/student with special needs please reach out!  We would like to come alongside you to assist you in the Sunday service.  Please contact us at