Sunday Service

Service is @ 10am on Sundays

Meeting Location:

 Gilberts Elementary School 729 Paperbark Lane, Gilberts, IL, 60136 

Contact Info: or 847-468-0496 

At FLBC you'll experience a joyful, relaxed, but reverential atmosphere where seniors, teens, special needs, singles, and families come together to focus on the ONE main pursuit in life - following Christ! The musical part of each service consists of about 4-5 songs before the message and 1-2 afterward. Songs are mostly of a "soft-contemporary" style and hymns are included. The sermon is preached verse by verse explaining the text in clear and meaningful ways, which will invite and exhort us to be the people God calls us to be in Christ. Our Sunday service begins 10am and ends around 11:30-11:45am. Many come dressed in jeans or casual slacks, but you are welcome to dress in the manner that is most comfortable for you and allows for others to focus on worship, rather than our personal appearance. Please stay after service to join us for a brief time of fellowship in the school lobby area.